6 Houseplants for Indoor Air Purity

In such a generally polluted world it’s nice to make sure we can truly take a breath of fresh air, one way we can do this, of course, is by bringing plants into our home. I am going to share with you a list of low-maintenance houseplants, that give a high output of the pure stuff that we all need.


Most Useful Houseplants
Illustration ‘Most Useful Houseplants’ drawn and edited by Robyn Handforth



Aloe Vera ~ This useful succulent is not only available in gel form, it is indeed a fully functioning plant. It helps to purify the air in your home and not only that you a break of a steam every so often to use to treat burns and other such ailments that aloe gel is good for but without a single extra ingredient, just pure aloe. It needs to be watered with a great volume of water but then left to dry out at least 2 inches below the soil. There for watering it a large volume of water once a week should be enough, better to leave it even longer though since they are prone to drowning, but will not die of thirst in the meantime because of how much water is stored in their leaves.

English Ivy ~ Known to help reduce such toxins as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Ammonia, and Xylene which are all found in our air supply and have an adverse effect on humans that breathe in heavy doses, this cute little ivy plant would look great in a hanging plant pot and protect you from these hidden toxicities at the same time. Ivy’s prefer to be kept on the slightly dry side when it comes to watering.

Rubber Plant ~  Easy to care for and sophisticating looking floor plant, you may only need to water your rubber plant twice a month and a little bit more if leaves look a little droopy, it prefers not to be in direct sunlight but partially is good.

Chinese EvergreenWith the ability to survive in very low light this houseplant is very good for those without a south facing aspect in the homes. They will help the purify the air in any home and with a real durability.

Areca Palm ~ Enjoying only partial sunlight but needing to have moist soil all of the time is the best way to keep your Areca Palm working it’s hardest to eradicate toxins such as Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Xylene out of the air you breathe. It’s safe for all animals and is pretty robust.

Boston Fern ~ Removes indoor air pollutants such as Formaldehyde. This plant enjoys the humidity so keep him in the bathroom and watch him thrive! If your bathroom has no window then make sure to spray it with a water spritzer every so often and water if the soil feels dry.

These are just my suggestions to make you lives easier, however, having any kind of houseplant around would be highly beneficial for both air purity and happiness, a house without a single houseplant is kind of sad in my opinion. Another fabulous option would be to grow herbs that you enjoy cooking with on your kitchen windowsill, this would bring a lovely scent to your kitchen and also give you with herbs you need when you need them. Bring some green helpers into your lives today!


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